Wetgeving over de grens

Veel mensen hebben geen idee wat thuisonderwijs of homeschooling is. Dat geldt zeker ook voor ambtenaren of politici.

Om het makkelijker te maken, goed internationaal voorbeeld te volgen, en politieke rampen te voorkomen, zetten we hieronder een paar voorbeelden van wetgeving, uitspraken van de rechter of algemene homeschooling informatie.

Dat scheelt vast veel vergaderingen.


Some families may also wish to consider partial enrolment at the local public school. The parent should discuss this option with the Principal to consider whether it is suitable for the child, family and school. Home schooling parents can partially enrol their child in their local public school by providing the child’s home schooling registration letter. The student would be able to participate in all aspects of the program in which they are enrolled. Home schooling parents can also access resources through the Victorian School of Languages, or approach the school about enrolment in language courses.

HOW CAN HOME SCHOOLING FAMILIES HAVE THEIR SAY IN THE FUTURE? The Department is setting up a home schooling committee where the home schooling community can provide feedback to the Department and the Victorian Registration and Qualification Authority on the operation of the regulations.



Er moest een rechtszaak aan te pas komen, de rechter was helder:

“It is parents that oversee their homeschool, not the school that oversees the parents—just as it is the people that oversee the government, not the government that oversees the people. Homeschool parents are to look after that their children are homeschooled; the school has no statutory authority to force supervision on families but must work together with parents.  Families are equal to authorities.”



Parents have a constitutional right to educate their children at home. If you choose to home-school your child, you do not need a formal teaching qualification or curriculum but you must ensure that your child receives a certain minimum education. You can adopt the approach you feel best suits the learning needs of your child to make sure that he or she is learning successfully and making reasonable progress, given his or her age, ability, aptitude and learning needs.


Verenigd Koninkrijk

Any move to make a child’s education the responsibility of parties other than the parent’s strikes at the very heart of the legislative framework for education in England and would expose those other parties to formal legal responsibility enforceable and actionable in the courts.”